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hey boys...hey girlsonly 2 sets are left!!!
there will be a bid for these last 2 sets
bidding starts at rm10
whoever bids the highest price, gets both sets and a set
of daily posties FREE!



i am may tees will be on xmas new year sale from now until dec31st for rm40 each!! grab them for your xmas pressies! hurrrrrryyy!!! happy days! merry xmas ppl!

email me for contact details:



hey boys and girls!

The xmas cards are finally here! they come in 3  super awesome different designs and packed in a set of 5pcs for rm15!Bear in mind there’s only 6 sets, so please grab them before they run out! email me at for contact details.

wall mural for elivo art studio

the beginning

almost complete

the robot wall

the octopussy play

still standing


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  • Encik Tareh: may, im getting crazy emails from your lunaero@gmail "I 'm sure you are okay. Apology for contacting you in this manner. Sorry I didn't inform yo
  • massivemayhem: hey effa could you drop me an email about the event? im a lil packed at the moment...unless if its a simple thingy on the arts side, then maybe i coul
  • Filmmakers Anonymous: Hi May! We're hosting a bazaar in July 2011 and being really big fans; we'd like to invite you to be part of it. Would you be interested to collabo