This is Iam May

i am may xmas cards are here!!!

Posted on: December 5, 2009

hey boys and girls!

The xmas cards are finally here! they come in 3  super awesome different designs and packed in a set of 5pcs for rm15!Bear in mind there’s only 6 sets, so please grab them before they run out! email me at for contact details.


2 Responses to "i am may xmas cards are here!!!"


can i have 3 sets? that’s rm45 right? lemme knw cepat capati…

yeaps, rm45 for 3 sets
tx dude
call me when ur back la

hey, no xmas eve plans… xmas day plans?
boxing day plans?


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  • Encik Tareh: may, im getting crazy emails from your lunaero@gmail "I 'm sure you are okay. Apology for contacting you in this manner. Sorry I didn't inform yo
  • massivemayhem: hey effa could you drop me an email about the event? im a lil packed at the moment...unless if its a simple thingy on the arts side, then maybe i coul
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