This is Iam May

I am May artwork on canvas are for sale!!!

Posted on: June 18, 2011

these artworks ( 10 ” x 10″) are for sale at rm150 , limited editions

(rm100 which you see was the price just for the event day only)

only one piece per print.

the cat artwork  has a 3 piece series(the further one on the far right)

the larger 16″ x 24″ artwork on the far left is selling at rm300


3 Responses to "I am May artwork on canvas are for sale!!!"

i love where you are now. rawrs!

hey dudeeeee

tx man…it’s not easy, its just a start
and now with plans to expand my art class business…hopefully i can make both my art n my classes into 2 main bread and butter for me.


im getting crazy emails from your lunaero@gmail

“I ‘m sure you are okay. Apology for contacting you in this manner. Sorry I didn’t inform you about my trip to Greece. It was an urgent seminar trip. I’m stranded and in serious mess here in Athens, Greece. It is not easy to be stranded abroad. I was attacked on my way to the hotel I lodged, Though I wasn’t hurt because I complied immediately to their demand, but my mobile phone and luggage were stolen. My Credit Cards and some other vital documents were inside my luggage. I have contacted my credit card company to blocked all my cards. I have also been to the embassy to report the case. The embassy promised to take the necessary measures between now and 30days. I am sending you this e-mail from the city Library (and I only have 15mins in every 2hours to access my email from here), Aside these, I need to sort out some vital issues including my bills.

I need your financial assistance urgently. I would like you to assist me with €2,450 Euro ($3,600 USD). I promise to refund you with upon my arrival back home. If you can’t be able to send me the whole amount. Please, send any amount you can afford. I am in urgent need of Money to sort out some important things including the hotel bills. Kindly send me the money using western union money transfer. Find a nearest outlet and complete the transfer with my name and address below.


Name: May Chan

Address: Kolokotroni 57 10560 Athens, Greece

Kindly get back to me with the Scan copy of the transfer Receipt so I can get all the details needed to receive the money. or you can email me with the transfer details such as the money transfer control number (MTCN), Sender’s Full Details and the exact payout amount according to the receipt. and also get back to me with you account details so i can refund the money immediately I get back home

Your reply will be appreciated.”

what the fuck

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  • Encik Tareh: may, im getting crazy emails from your lunaero@gmail "I 'm sure you are okay. Apology for contacting you in this manner. Sorry I didn't inform yo
  • massivemayhem: hey effa could you drop me an email about the event? im a lil packed at the moment...unless if its a simple thingy on the arts side, then maybe i coul
  • Filmmakers Anonymous: Hi May! We're hosting a bazaar in July 2011 and being really big fans; we'd like to invite you to be part of it. Would you be interested to collabo
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