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these artworks ( 10 ” x 10″) are for sale at rm150 , limited editions

(rm100 which you see was the price just for the event day only)

only one piece per print.

the cat artwork  has a 3 piece series(the further one on the far right)

the larger 16″ x 24″ artwork on the far left is selling at rm300


An art and fundraising event at a restaurant in kota damansara


The mural was a collaboration between myself and other illustrators and designers in and around Asia ,USA and Canada

a fresh grad design student who doodles, her new found love

a freelance designer and graff artist

a designer turned art teacher and freelance illustrator

ANDREW T CRUM : Portland, Oregon
a traveling graff artist

MIKE INZINNA aka ratscallion : Philadelphia
a freelance designer who loves to cook

VINCE CHUI aka Kidchuckle : Ontario,Canada
freelance illustrator who loves to chuckle

WIRA MAULIDIKA : Jakarta, Indonesia
an art student currently in Bandung Tech Institiude

ALL CANVAS ARTWORK (including the wall mural)are printed by


These are just the digital illustrations which i did for them, the actual vinyls will be printed soon and the shot of the walls will be uploaded…soon I hope.

They are handrawn,scanned and digitally inked  and brushed .

tiger+hearts+flowers! chinese new year+valentine’s day cards, a 2 in 1 cards!up for grabs in february 2010, available only in

USA! Limited editions.

I’m excited.This is a new beginning and i can’t wait for it to start! I am a doodle addict, so i thought that it would be good to put it to good use in producing awesome usable and wearable items in which can be found here.There will be more, I promise. 🙂


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